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Our Farm

About Thaihoney.com

Thaihoney.com is the official web of big bee farm.

The business of big bee farm started at 1999 by the name “ Thep-prasit honey farm ”,  which was a small business selling Royal jelly and honey of Thailand.

By 2010, The business has grown into a major bee farming company of  Thailand , and began its new name as big bee farm. 

At present time of 2018,big bee farm’s business scope includes  beekeeping farm, food manufacturing factory,  Bee acupuncture clinic , tourist bee farm and tourist car rental service.

Mile stones of business

  • In 1999,   Thepprasit honey farm was set up by Mr. apichat wu and his friends
  • In 2000,   Winner of Honey contest at Asia apiculture Expo. Chiangmai.
  • In 2001,   Set up quality control "From Farm To Table", marketed by Thepprasit trademark.
  • In 2005,   accredited GMP and ISO 9001 quality system
  • In 2006,   accredited the Quality Goods Mark by Ministry of Agriculture.
  • In 2007,   established Thai organic beekeeper association and organic supplier network.
  • In 2010,   estabished Big bee farm pattaya, the biggest educational bee farm of Thailand
  • In 2011,   established Thailand's first apitherapy clinic and training centre.
  • In 2012,   established Thai apitherpay association, with Bigbee as official training centre.
  • In 2013,   Acrredited EST quality export system by ministry of Agriculture.
  • In 2014,   honored as the ambassador bee farm of Thailand by the ministry of agriculture
  • In 2016,   big bee farm has become a staff- owned joint venture, to support ist qulity policy of  “ friendly bee farming,  consistent development”

Focusing on bee business,  The company is now operating with a network of more than 50 bee farms under Thai Organic Bee keeper Association (TOBA).  It is also the sole distributor of organic honey from TOBA.