Mature Honey 600g
Mature Honey 600g Mature Honey 600g Mature Honey 600g Mature Honey 600g

Mature Honey 600g

Product code: TPS04-free

What is mature honey?
In the course of producing honey. The bee add the enzyme to gathered nectar, which converts sucrose into glucose and fructose. The nectar in honeycomb is watery. The bees evaporate excess moisture days by days until the honey is ripened or mature, then seal the store cells with waxy lids.
The Golden Triangle Mountains ecosystem and in dry season is typically good for the bee to produce ripe or mature honey.

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Thepprasit honey is selected from properly mature honeycomb to ensure its pure quality. It has herbal fragrant, amble color, stable liquid texture without crystallization.

Recommendation of Usage:

Sore throat :

Take one spoon of honey into the throat and hold it until minutes. Take a few times a day or, drink honey water in the morning and evening regularly.

Wound / or Burns:

Apply honey to wounded area for treating inflammation and avoiding scar.

Lose of voice/ Hot and dry throat:

Take honey with lemon juice.

Insomnia or Neurasthenia:

Drink honey with warm water, drink before bedtime.

Constipation and intestinal disorder:

Drink honey with warm water.        

Name Mature Honey 600g
SKU TPS04-free
Brands Thepprasit
Shelf life 3 years
Storage At room temperature
Weight 900g
Place of origin Thailand

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